Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling Left Out

    Carol sometimes goes to events with her friends without me.  Usually, that doesn’t bother me.  For some reason, a recent one, a barbecue with her friend Kate, had me feeling left out.  I talked to Carol about it.  She said Kate’s house wasn’t very accessible.  She also said including me can be stressful, because she winds up feeling like she has to take care of me.  Knowing that helped.
     We're off to Zoo Tunes to see Brandi Carlisle, another great performer Carol turned me on to.
     The present moment has me laughing with contentment.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Very Generous Offer

I just got this email from my friend Barbara Daniels.  That cheers up my transportation problem.

“I'm glad you qualify for the half-price taxi rate, Marian, but you also have my phone number. I am a night owl so give me a call anytime you want a ride, even at the last minute, daytime, evening, or night.”

The present moment is sunny.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This and That

    The other day, I did a scary goof, forgetting to remove the cardboard under a pizza, before putting it in the oven.   Fortunately the temperature wasn’t over farenheit 451. I thought maybe I should stop using the stove.  Carol said it was a fairly normal mistake and that it was probably safe to continue to use it.  I was relieved, because it would be a pain to have to stop.

    Carol told me she is uneasy about some times I come home by bus alone in the evening.  She would like me to take a taxi sometimes.  I’ve been hesitant about the cost.  My friend, JoAnn, gave me the good news that I qualify for half price taxi rides.  That will help a lot.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good News

    Office Depot wound up fixing our computer, so no one lost any data, including a slew of tunes.. Lena had a bit of homework go missing, but she had it in email form, too.  So she didn’t have to say, “The computer ate my homework.”
    We all three went to Minneapolis for the HDSA conference. Lena ran around with her friends. Scientists  reported on promising research. We also got to see the sights there.
    At our recent Care Committee, Alice asked me how I am doing about transportation. She nudged me about that I had been shy about accepting a lift from a friend of hers from Ann Patchett’s talk.  She said, “Accept the ride next time.”
    Dick said, “Just be careful not to ride with strangers with candy.”
    Our friend Mel found us a small vacuum cleaner.
    The present moment is sunshine.