Friday, June 7, 2013

Moving in to Assisted Living

     When I took the haldol, I wasn’t sleeping at all.  I changed to one dose of fluphenazine and was getting to seep at 3 am  A higher dose resolved it.
     We decided it was time for me to move into an assisted living place.  We picked out a good one called the Stratford.  I had some obsessive anxieties about moving in.  Alice told me I could talk to her about them, so I wouldn’t bother Carol.  Mary, Rose and Liz also helped.  And my doctor prescribed lorenzapam.
   Rose and Liz also took me for walks, which I hadn’t been inspired to do because of the insomnia.  Rose suggested I get some PT for my walking, which I have lined up.
     The present moment is shining.