Sunday, May 29, 2011

I broke the computer

     I cracked the screen on our computer by closing it with my headphones in it.  Fortunately, we bought the service plan, so it will be replaced free.  My documents were protected by Dropbox.  Carol lost a lot.  Particularly important were photos she had taken.  It created more stress for her to have to take it to the store and figure out what happened.  I felt badly and apologized.  I suggested I should stop using our home computers and just use the ones at the library so I do't hurt ours again.  She felt I was overreacting.  I wound up agreeing.
     Because slept in one morning missing breakfast and forgot one meal of Ensure when I was distracted by a day-long medtation, I wound up losing a pound.  That is discouraging.  I decided the interim solution to my wedding ring not fitting is to switch it to my right hand, which is enough larger,
     Today I am off to our wonderful Folklife festival.  Carol warned me I need to allow more time than before to get through the crowds with my walker, so I am off a bit earlier than I had planned.
    The present moment is musical.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Right Direction

Since my wedding two years ago, I’ve lost enough weight I have had to add layers of tape on my ring to make it fit.  I would like to be able to get rid of the tape so I can fiddle with the ring.  In the two weeks since I have been on the new diet, I have gained two pounds.

The present moment is blue sky.

Friday, May 13, 2011


    We had the Care Committee meeting, last week.  Carol’s daughter Lena said she wanted to join us, because she is involved in my care.  It was cool having her there.  She jumped right in and helped write suggestions on the whiteboard.
    We did some brainstorming about my difficulty chopping things.  Lena said she could help, days that she is with us.  Louise said she could bring veggies to my house on our standing dates.  She also said she could bring me some soups.
    We talked about ways to help our dog get exercise. JoAnn said she was willing to help.  Lena said she could, too.  She pointed out that Louise had only written “L” for Lena, while there was more than one person whose name starts with L.  Louise said, “I might take Pearl for walks, too.”
    I have been having trouble getting the dog back in after putting her on the leash to take her into the back yard.  Joann pointed out we do have a door in to our basement, so I can let Pearl in and out more directly.  Sure enough I did it that way and didn’t lose control.
    Carol joked that she would pay to see someone cut my fingernails and toenails.  So far, I have been able to do that.  I am a bit nervous about getting help for that eventually.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cream My New Obsession

Since I had heard different things about whether it is all right for people with HD to drink milk, Carol suggested we wait unil our appointment with our wonderful HD doctor, Dr. Bird.  I'm not a very compliant patient, so I started drinking cream right before our appointment on Tuesday.  Dr. Bird said there is no reason not to drink milk. I showed his interm my friend Elizabeth's email about butyrate, which is in butter, being helpful for HD. She suggested croissants.  I added them to the grocery order.

I thought I would put cream smoothies in a thermos on gym days.  It turns out the sour milk smell is hard to get out of the thermos, water being a precious resource.  Carol had also suggested Ensure on gm days.  I wind up having a bit more money in the budget than I thought I would, so I wound up agreeing with my partner.  Everyone loves those magic words: You were right.

The present moment is cool and cloudy.