Friday, May 13, 2011


    We had the Care Committee meeting, last week.  Carol’s daughter Lena said she wanted to join us, because she is involved in my care.  It was cool having her there.  She jumped right in and helped write suggestions on the whiteboard.
    We did some brainstorming about my difficulty chopping things.  Lena said she could help, days that she is with us.  Louise said she could bring veggies to my house on our standing dates.  She also said she could bring me some soups.
    We talked about ways to help our dog get exercise. JoAnn said she was willing to help.  Lena said she could, too.  She pointed out that Louise had only written “L” for Lena, while there was more than one person whose name starts with L.  Louise said, “I might take Pearl for walks, too.”
    I have been having trouble getting the dog back in after putting her on the leash to take her into the back yard.  Joann pointed out we do have a door in to our basement, so I can let Pearl in and out more directly.  Sure enough I did it that way and didn’t lose control.
    Carol joked that she would pay to see someone cut my fingernails and toenails.  So far, I have been able to do that.  I am a bit nervous about getting help for that eventually.


  1. Marian Marian Marian - the comment was about you getting a manicure, not having your finger nails clipped. It's a totally different thing - no what I'd paid to see is you in a salon having your nails painted in say a lovely shade of fem pink! lol

  2. Oops sorry I did it again - that comment was from Carol nor Marian . . .

  3. As always, I love to see how the strategizing can help in daily ways.