Friday, May 6, 2011

Cream My New Obsession

Since I had heard different things about whether it is all right for people with HD to drink milk, Carol suggested we wait unil our appointment with our wonderful HD doctor, Dr. Bird.  I'm not a very compliant patient, so I started drinking cream right before our appointment on Tuesday.  Dr. Bird said there is no reason not to drink milk. I showed his interm my friend Elizabeth's email about butyrate, which is in butter, being helpful for HD. She suggested croissants.  I added them to the grocery order.

I thought I would put cream smoothies in a thermos on gym days.  It turns out the sour milk smell is hard to get out of the thermos, water being a precious resource.  Carol had also suggested Ensure on gm days.  I wind up having a bit more money in the budget than I thought I would, so I wound up agreeing with my partner.  Everyone loves those magic words: You were right.

The present moment is cool and cloudy.


  1. Wonderful news, Marian! I love picturing you enjoying cream, croissants, and other indulgences at every opportunity.
    And you made me giggle with the sentence about the "magic words."

  2. Sounds like you're not having as much difficulty swallowing as before, which is indeed wonderful. And how great that you have a doctor you really like.

  3. Isn't it fabulous that you get to eat ice cream now! Such a wonderful thing . . . so many new options ... Carol