Friday, April 29, 2011

Broken Door Handle

The bad news this week is that I broke the handle on the bathroom door after Carol told me not to pull too hard on it.  I couldn’t  figure out how not to do that.  She says she is bummed she has to fix it.  I apologized.

We were watching a cooking show and Carol saw a dish she said looked good.  I thought she was suggesting I make it.  I said I wouldn’t be comfortable chopping the vegetables.  She said she meant for her to cook it.  That reminded  me of a goat cheese stuffed chicken breast recipe in a book at my ex, Donna’s.  I asked her for the recipe.  It does include some cut up sun dried tomatoes  I can do that safely with a butter knife.

My new old tv series passion is Six Feet Under.  Very fun, if dark, stories.  Carol has the set.  I am working my way through it impatiently.

The present moment is soft.

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  1. Six Feet Under is on my list for the future. So many people rave about it.