Friday, April 22, 2011

Seattle Insight Meditation Society

    My friend Jude has been giving me rides to another friend Ange who gives me free acupuncture. That makes the trip last a half hour rather than one and a half by bus.
    Jude does Insight Meditation, which I also do.  On our ride, together, she mentioned she is going back to Seattle Insight Meditation, lectures by Rodney Smith, that meet at St. Mark’s Cathedral.  I had gone there, but stopped, several years ago.  I had found it hard to make a commitment to be there every week.  The talks build on each other. Jude had a conflict every other Tuesday, but felt she could follow the thread. I figured I could, too.
    I was a bit nervous that my movements might distract the person sitting next to me. My next door neighbor was Mary.  She started to chat to find out what my disease is.  Mary said she was happy I sat down next to her, because my HD put her concerns in perspective.  Very helpful for me that she said that out loud.
    The present moment is sunny.   

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  1. Sounds like a great resource. Prayer and meditation are key to my ability to cope.

    I've been blogging more myself since I started reading your blog, thanks for that.