Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Dopey

    Mondays I usually go to the gym.  I decided to take a holiday, Memorial Day, even though the gym was open.
    My alarm goes off at 9:00 so I will remember to take my medicine.  Wednesday, for some reason, I felt like going back to bed, so I did, after eating a croissant, so I wouldn’t lose weight.  I have a standing date with my friend Dick for lunch Wednesday, so I got out of bed in time to make the bus to meet him. I told him I had been back to bed, and that I was feeling like it might be hard to get to the gym on Thursday, because of that dopiness.  He usually sees me at the gym. Dick had noticed I wasn’t there Monday.  He said it is all right to take a break, but important to get back to my exercise routine.
    Dick also asked me if I was feeling depressed.  I thought I might be and remembered it is a side effect of the tetrabenazine I am taking.  I thought I could ask to increase my antidepressant.  I mentioned the issue to Carol.  She didn’t feel I was depressed.
   On further thought I realized I had skipped my morning dose of creatine Wednesday, because it has a stimulant effect.  I wanted to sleep in.  I also missed my meditation to make it to lunch.  The combination was why I had felt off my game.
    Sure enough, Thursday, when I did both of those things, I only felt my usual resistance to going to the gym. Dick waved to me, through the window,  as I was on the stationary bicycle.  Our friend John stood beside him and applauded me.
    Last night, I had quite a bit of trouble getting to sleep.  I take a bunch of  sleeping medications.  It felt like I had forgotten one.  So, I am sleepy again.  I canceled Interplay, this morning, and a concert I was supposed to go to  with Carol, tonight.  Oh well.
    The present moment is dozey.

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  1. I love: "I felt only my usual resistance..." Ah, yes. Resistance is the story of my life, the journey of my life. Great that you got to the gym.