Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Memory Issues

    Since Carol sensitized me to my memory issues, I asked her to start paying my bills, and keep track of things like tax documents I don’t want to lose.  I am lucky to have a partner I trust who is willing to do that.
    Also, another friend Nancy has started having a standing date to go to the gym with me.  She responded to my wish list on the web site Alice set up.  I thought the web site would let me know when I had a message.  It didn’t, but Alice noticed and passed it along.  The combination of the formal and informal process worked.
    The present moment is surprisingly sunny.

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  1. Just caught up with your blog posts, Marian. Sounds like times haven't been easy. It's hard that we need so much help as we age or decline from disease. But yes, your luck is in with your partner. I, too, am grateful to have a partner who will help when he's needed, even if he can't always do it cheerfully.