Friday, April 20, 2012

More Glasse

     I dropped my current pair of glasses and broke them, too.  I asked Carol for help getting glasses and picking out frames, since she is femme enough.  She wound up doing that while I was away for a writing day.  Carol said it took her longer than she had expected to do that.  I would like her to have more time to do her own art, which is photography.
     I had a problem with headaches.  Carol figured out I was taking too many ibuprophen and making them worse.  She sure is smart.
     I am having a recurring problem with tendonitis in my thumb (mouse hand).  I have a brace that helps with that.  I miss giving Carol foot rubs.
     While my friend Dick is laid up after knee surgery, my other friend, Rose, has been giving me rides to the gym.  She also helped me fill out the form to apply for the Access van.  Another standing date for the gym, Nancy, can’t do it, next week, so Mary standing in (or driving in).
     The present moment is cozy.

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