Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Suggestion

Good Suggestion

As part of the brainstorming at my Care Team, Louise suggested hiring a housekeeper.  Carol and I figured out we could afford to have someone come every two weeks.  Our friend Mary recommended Silly Sisters.  I was remembering there was a Supreme Court nominee who got in trouble for hiring a housekeeper under the table.  This way, Carol can serve.

I gave Carol a steam cleaning of our carpets as a Christmas present.  It took this long to get things organized enough for us to have everything up off the floor.  I hired a guy from the gay business association.  He gave me a discount for that reason.  I said, “Is that the ten percent for the ten percent?”

The house looks nice.

We saw KD Lang at Zoo Tunes.  A fabulous show on a perfect evening.

The present moment is soothing.


  1. Carol for Supreme Court, and ten percent for the ten percent, and k.d. lang for all! I like it.

    Great post, Marian.

  2. A great decision--we would be overwhelmed by chaos without Luz, who helps us out.