Thursday, October 6, 2011

This and That

    As Dick and I were coming from the gym, I said I was down two pounds, which isn’t good.  He said he was down two pounds, too, which IS good.  Perspective is everything.  I said I wasn’t sure how to get mine back up, since I feel like I eat constantly, as it is.  It dawns on me I could add ice cream to my smoothies.
    Carol helped me figure out how to request a ride on the web site.
    I had stored a glass of smoothie in the refrigerator.  I spilled it, when I was getting it out, which made a mess.  I told Carol I thought I should stop making them and use Ensure instead.  She thought I was overreacting, and could solve the problem by putting a lid on it.  I wound up agreeing.
    Carol gets to hear, “You were right.”  She managed to program the universal remote so I can play our dvds on the nice relatively big TV.  It is easy to get discs in and out.  I am unafraid of using water bottles in that chair.
    The present moment is cloudy.

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