Thursday, September 29, 2011


  1.     My care committee did some brainstorming about my transportation issues.  They mentioned I could change my lunch dates with Mary to dinner dates.  That didn’t work out, because we have conflicting commitments.  Mary said she was willing to pick me up and take me some place at lunch time.  We just went to Burgermaster.

       The web site Alice set up allows me to request rides.  Alice sent around a letter letting people know about my general need.  I haven’t tried out the system yet, but will soon.

        Carol said my blog missed the fact she was going to try to figure out whether she could make the universal remote work with our dvd player.  I think she was unsuccessful, this week. The present moment is mimosa blossom sweet.


Enable screen re

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  1. Carol knew all along that the universal remote control would work on the DVD player! I had already programmed it, I just had to figure out how to turn the video part on. Guess it helps to actually read the instructions once in awhile! :)

    I've written down the instructions for how to operate it and hopefully Marian will be able to follow it. Guess this brings up one of those HD issues. Things that seem relatively simple to the rest of us are not always so easy for an HD person to comprehend - and remember. So many little things we take for granted.