Thursday, September 22, 2011


    Last night I spilled a bottle of zoloft with 14 pills in it.  Fortunately I got them up off the floor, so Pearl the dog isn’t having any unexpected mood changes.  I feel apologetic about having to ask Carol to add counting out my pills to her tasks.  She is a good sport about it.

    Since I’m not able to get to the bus, I am home a lot more than I had been.  Carol had picked up a dvd series of Helen Miren at the BBC.  They go back to 1974 and include some amazing range.  

    Carol thought it would work for me to watch them on our computer.  I had spilled some water on the machine, fortunately without doing any damage.  She suggested I keep the bottle on the other side of the table.  I have an irrational fear I am going to forget and bring the bottles to the computer side.  More rational is that I might hurt the drive getting disks in and out.

    We have a dvd player someone gave us along with our TV.  I hired our friend Michelle to hook it up, since neither Carol nor I knew how to do it.  Michelle had trouble getting the dvd remote to work.  Carol looked at the instructions and they indicated we should be able to use the TV remote to operate the dvd, but it didn’t work.  She also bought a universal remote, and programmed it, but it won’t make the dvd work either.  Carol has an individual dvd player that should work once she finds the cord.  She has put a lot of effort into this problem.  Meanwhile, I am watching Law and Order on Netflix.

    Carol also turned me on to The Hour, a TV program about the beginning of the BBC.  It is great.  I’m caught up on it.

    The present moment is cloudy.


  1. Don't know how many times I've spilled pill bottles--a lot! And DVDs, remotes, etc., are also a major head-scratcher. But I'm so glad they were invented! Like you, I'm enjoying a lot of good stuff that way these days.

  2. I just finished watching The Hour. It was well done, and captured that historic moment neatly.. I think they got the dress, decor, history, and values of the period without all the fuss of Mad Men. I'm sorry it's not longer.. Years ago I rented a series called Heimat.. made about the Rhineland region in Germany, where my friend Lilly came from. That was satisfying and long (53 hours of film) and I recommend it. I just thought of it again while visiting with Lilly in Vancouver.