Friday, November 4, 2011

Carol and Lena Away

Carol and Lena are leaving early in the morning for a week in Orlando.  Carol will be going to a conference.  Lena gets to soak up Disneyworld on her own.  Nice she is old enough to do that since Carol is not a big fan.  I have a mixture of nervousness and enthusiasm about being alone with Pearl for a week.  The positive feelings are supported by the fact I have standing dates with Dick and Liz, dates to see Rickie Lee Jones and Curtis Salgado with Richard, and reminders from Louise and Richard I can call for help.

Carol noticed Pearl’s tail knocking over the remote.  That might explain the damage.

The present moment is relaxed.

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  1. When I stay at Lake Almanor by myself there are always some difficult or lonely moments, but I still find the overall experience of solitude a positive one. But I do keep in touch with others by phone and email. Hope your week is a rich one.