Sunday, January 29, 2012

More This and That

   I started taking Haldol, and sure enough had an unpleasant side effect.  I was  thinking I was going to have to stop the medication, right away, which was discouraging.  Fortunately, Carol talked me into continuing it and that issue got better.  Carol talked to a pharmacist, who said the drug can have a side effect of weight gain.  That would be a relief to regain what I have lost.  He said the weight gain isn’t a healthy one.  Oh well.
     Carol gave me some dvds of the first season of Treme for Christmas.  It is my new favorite TV series.   The subject is musicians in New Orleans shortly after Karina.  The music is great.
      I have three boxes of copies of the book I published in 1988 about getting sober, Three Glasses of Wine Have Been Removed from This Story.  I am looking for homes for them.  I don’t want any money for them.  Let me know if you can take one or more.
     I figured out I could buzz some candy or cookies into my smoothies.  That creates variety.
     I had some problems with transportation to Seattle Insight Meditation Society.  That dramatized the fact that I find the instructor’s voice irritating.  I decided to quit there and start going to Lotus Sisters, a lesbian meditation group.  I found a member who lives close by, who gives me rides.
     Carol is going to be going to Palm Springs with some friends, February 15-19.  I have the usual trepidation and excitement about batching it.
     The present moment is cozy.

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  1. Congratulations on staying so solution-oriented. Hope the new meditation group works out for you.