Saturday, March 31, 2012


     I went to the dentist expecting the Haldol to help with my exam.  It did make it easier to keep the x-rays in my mouth.  My hygienist said it was still hard to floss me, and that my ability to keep my teeth clean was going downhill.  She recommended using both hands on my electric toothbrush and disclosing dye to show me where I am missing.
     The dentist, Dr. Rowland, prescribed a fluoridated toothpaste.  She found a cavity that she can’t fill because of my movement.  Dr. Rowland referred me to a dentist who can use nitrous oxide.  She said that will be more expensive.  Dr. Rowland also said, once she refers me to that specialist, he may not be willing to refer me back.  I checked and found out he is not on my plan.
     The present moment is cozy.

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  1. Life (and Huntington's) comes with so many hassles! Hope you work something out dental-wise. Today I was looking at letters you wrote me from SF State, when I still lived in Portland. I have admired you for so many things through the years, but never more than now. Wishing Easter blessings on you and Carol and all the friends who help you move from one day to the next.