Friday, March 16, 2012

Smoke Damage

     I was warming up some egg rolls in the microwave for the first time.  The instructions said two minutes for one.  I figured I could put five in for 10 minutes.  I stopped paying attention.  They burned.  My Huntington’s diminishes my sense of smell.
     The house smelled smoky for awhile.  I offered to pay for cleaning the carpets.  Carol found some carpet deodorizer that helped.
     This raises the question for me whether it is time to go into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF).  Am I dangerous home alone? 
     Carol says I am unique in being willing to go into an ALF.  She says I am independent in terms of being able to cook for myself safely for the most part.  Carol points out I enjoy being the Dyke About Town, out covering events.
     I am protective of her, wanting to reduce how much responsibility she has for me.  Also, I had a positive experience working at an ALF.
     I forgot to mention Carol says the Haldol is improving my memory
     The present moment is cool sunshine.

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  1. Marian, I should keep a record of all the kitchen near-disasters I've caused by being absent-minded. Burning egg rolls is an accident anybody could have had.

    It's wonderful that you want to reduce Carol's stress, but I agree with her that it isn't time for an ALF yet. Full disclosure: I've been catching up on your Dyke About Town columns online, and I'm enjoying them very much. I'd hate to see you stop attending and writing about cultural events a minute sooner than you have to.

    Great news that the Haldol is helping!