Thursday, December 9, 2010

Care Committee

Through the magic of bureaucracy, I am still waiting for my walker to be delivered, so still staying off the sidewalks and reading romances, as well as indulging my addiction to Law and Order TV reruns. Carol says she started watching the show when she was in law school and found it helpful with her studies.  I had a long period without a TV to catch up on

Meanwhile, my friend Louise pulled together our first care committee.  Her partner Liz says she has been nudging Louise to do this, so I am grateful to her, too.  The idea is that the committee will coordinate volunteers for whatever Carol and I need to help with my HD.  Louise plays with Rainbow City Band. She mentioned that some of the other players appreciate my big smile in the front row, and my writing about the band in my column.  She thinks they might offer to do various tasks including playing music for me (and Carol).  So we start joking about the arts and culture succommittee.

My friend Dick was at that meeting, too.  He lives close to Carol and me and is willing to give me rides.  Another friend, JoAnn, has done care giving for decades and was there.  Another friend, Mel, called to say she was looking at walkers in the thrift store and wondered if one would work for me.  Unfortunately it has to be a pretty specific kind of walker to work best for my HD.

The present moment seems generous.

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  1. Good to read another post from you, Marian, and good to see that things are going in a good direction, even if there's a wait for the walker.