Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celebrating Walker!

I finally made it to a pt appointment, yesterday, and found I am able to use a walker.  Had to order the one my cousin Bertie recommended as the best one for people with HD.  It should come soon. Yay!

Hypnotism helped with the worry about turning off the stove.  Plus I decided to listen to Carol who pointed out I haven't left it on yet.

Speech therapy reduced the choking, which makes me feel much safer.

I found the low dose of the tetrabenazine I am on helps a little with things like my overactive gag response, making it easier to brush my teeth.  Carol suggested increasing it a little, once my sleep gets stabilized.  Dr. Bird, the HD expert, agrees

I am realizing Carol's dog appreciates the attention she gets from having my home most of the day, which helps make up for the fact I can't walk her any more.

I am still enjoying the pleasure of the moment.


  1. Yay, Marian! Good news!

  2. Smart dog, that Pearl! I wish my Alice appreciated having me home most of the day ;)
    Hugs Marion!