Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Fun

The holiday was fun here.  Lots of presents under the tree mostly for Carol’s 14 year old daughter, Lena.

Carol told me about the singing group the Bobs, who I had never heard before.  Their day after Christmas concert had lots of tight harmonies and satirical lyrics made us laugh a lot.

I am getting rid of my old apartment I kept until it was clear Lena was comfortable having me live with them.  Louise is organizing help for the move.  Today I sorted which things I am going to donate to a thrift store so my stuff will fit into Carol’s house better.

My friend Sharon suggested I have an OT appointment in case something like weighted spoons might help.  I had that today but found that the unweighted spoon was actually easier to handle.


  1. Good news and more good news! Happy New Year to you, Carol, and Lena.

  2. Fun is good!

    And now you have another holiday to enjoy. Happy new year to all and...

    See you next year!