Friday, January 7, 2011

Minor, minor fender bende

New Years Day, Carol, Lena and I had fun going to the Sing Along Sound of Music and an exhibit of amazing ginger bread houses.  As we were pulling out, I couldn’t find my wallet, so shouted for Carol to stop and let me go back.  Someone came out of nowhere and scratched his car on our bumper.  I jumped out and ran back but couldn’t find the wallet.  When I got back to the car, I found it in my coat pocket. 

Carl would have liked me to have slowed down and helped her deal with the accident, then check other places the wallet might have been before going back.  She isn’t sure it was safe for me to walk a couple of blocks without my walker.  Lack of impulse control is a symptom of HD.  I’m resolving to slow down more.  We live in one of the most honest cities in the world.  I have had wallets returned twice.

Carol says she is tired of doing all the driving.  I say I wish I could help.

I heard my friend Angie is volunteering to give me free acupuncture treatments.  My friend Jude says she will give rides to those, helpful since I live in the north end and Angie works in the south.

Liz and Louise took me to try out Interplay, a movement group activity.  That makes up for having to give up dancing nicely.

The present moment feels sweet.

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