Friday, January 14, 2011

Rambunctious Dog

Our dog Pearl is pretty energetic.  When I first come into in the house I get her to roll over and show me her belly to rub, so she won’t knock me over with her enthusiasm.

Part of my routine is to let her out to run a few times a day.  Sometimes she decides she needs more exercise and pulls her leash away.  The other night I was too tired to wait for her to come back,  so I held on to the leash.  She knocked me over.

Since then, I have remembered to keep her on a shorter leash.  Carol pointed out that the dog belongs to Lena, and it seems fair for the teenager to let the dog out and back in.  Lena has helped.  She is only here half time.

Carol and I saw Pearl Django as part of my column.  She says, “That band always makes me happy.”  I agree.

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