Saturday, January 29, 2011

My father and stepmothers

My father likes more emotional distance than I do. For example, when I told him about my diagnosis, his response was to say he understood support groups are helpful. My stepmother Dorothy got angry on my behalf. I’m glad she’s there to balance him. Now
she has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which makes me sad.

My brother and sister also have HD. My father helps us financially to different degrees, because we are all disabled.

My sister Joan lived in Nicaragua for 4 years because her income went further there. She decided it was time to come home and go into a facility because she was having cognitive problems. Carol and Lena and I went down to help her move back. We spent a week
there, which was fun. Getting her back was a bit of a challenge because she was right about her mind wandering.

My father found her an assisted living home in Novato a 45 minute drive from where he lives. I was surprised he only visits Joan on holidays. My sister does have anger episodes which is a symptom of the HD. Also, she and my father don’t have a very good relationship because he can be critical and she hasn’t learned to let it roll off her like I do

Our half brother lives in Novato, but doesn’t visit Joan much because he has two young children. I have another stepmother, Dee, because Dad married three times. She is a retired social worker, which is handy. She also lives in Novato, and has a standing date
to take my sister to a movie every week. It’s a good thing they have bonded.

My friend Evelyn reminded me of a trick I taught her: $15 standing room tickets to the opera, so I went back, last night and saw all of Barber of Seville.

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  1. Another good post, Marian! I'm glad you got to see the rest of Barber of Seville.